Our Mission is: Excellence in the
management of the supply chain

The direct purchase of the fruits needed for the production of fruit juices and concentrates required by our customers, allows us therefore to have always at our disposal the best fruit’s quality available on the market at the best conditions. This is obtained thanks to the support of the Grower’s Association which shares our project : “Sunprod Alliance”. These benefits are provided to our customers, permitting us to be very competitive and reliable on the market. We are certified members of the SGF (Schutzgemeinschaft der Fruchtsaftindustrie), partecipating to their Voluntary Self-Control System, in order to guarantee furthermore our international customers. For this reason, our Network of Co-Packers are all members of the SGF and with them we have an excellent long term working relationship. This permit us to have a complete and always up-to-date overview of the whole citrus sector, their tendencies and to foresee in advance all the possible problems. Our extreme flexibility and knowledge of the market allow us to guarantee to our international customers products always conform to their requirements, with punctual deliveries and competitive prices. The products will be always supplied from more than one factory in order to assure always punctual supplies without possible delays.

All the productions are always controlled and analyzed by our well trained technical staff, in order to guarantee the best quality and the conformity to the “Good manufacturing Practice” and the international analytical AIJN Code of Practice. Thanks to these factors, we already become one of the key supplier of Italian Citrus Products for several European and extra European leading Companies of the Food, drinks and Aroma sector. Besides the production of conventional products, we have focused, from the beginning, our attention also on the production of ORGANIC products, conform to the EC rules n.834/07, controlled and certified by Ecogruppo Italia who is IFOAM Member, since one year. Our activity is focused primarily on the Quality of our products and their high competitivity, which allow us to offer the market a large and complete range of CITRUS JUICES, conventional and Organic, cloudy or clear, Single strength/NFC or Concentrates and Essential Oils.

All our products can be offered, on request, in the following packaging:

- Iron drums with double inner poly-bags of 200-250 kg net frozen or preserved

- Cartons aseptically filled B-I-B of 20-25 kg net

- Plastic pails food grade of 20-25 kg net, frozen on pallets

- Bulk juices/concentrates in isolated food grade tank lorries

Particular attention is given also to the ESSENTIAL OILS, cold-pressed or distilled, concentrate or terpenless, for the Flavor and Fragrance market, even organic. With special cold treatment we can also guarantee dewaxed essential oils. Furthermore we can offer also the whole range of Citrus By-products, like Cells, Pulps, Peels (frozen or candied) and in several different sizes. The entire product list is obtained exclusively from the processing of the following ITALIAN Citrus cultivars:
- Blond Oranges, Tarocco, Navel, Common Blond and Valencia cultivar

- Blood Oranges, Sicilian cultivar Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello

- Lemons, Sicilian cultivar Winter and Summer

- Mandarins, Avana and tardive di Ciaculli

- Clementins, common from Calabria

- Bergamot, castagnaro and Fantastico from Calabria

Besides the above, we also process Sicilian PRICKLY PEARS (Opuntia Ficus Indica) DOP from Etna, in Juices and concentrated Purees.
All above product can be offered also as ORGANIC.

We invite you to share our “SunProd Alliance”.