TOP Team for TOP products

Our up-to-date and competent team is made up of true professionals who transform their knowledge into potential and their experience into a resource.
Our technical staff supervises with scrupulous attention each phase of production, ensuring our products a high degree of quality and the necessary requirements to comply with the “Good Manufacturing Practice” and international analytical standards.

Walter Rudolf Ansorge

CEO and General manager

Veronica Di Franco

Executive manager
Flavours & fragrances Division

Serena Spina

Procurement manager
Juice & concentrate Division

Ivana Genovese

Logistic – Flavours & fragrances Division

Francesco Iannicelli

Quality control & laboratory manager

Federico Gerardi

Back office and sampling department

Angela Distefano

Head Accounting department

Francesca Ilardo

Logistic manager
Juice & concentrate Division

Gianluca Botindari

Regulatory and logistic department

Girolamo Lo Porto

Accounting department